If living in a Tax Haven in Europe (Andorra) appeals to you then you should consider a place that has all the normal tax haven benefits without the high living costs.

Think Globally - Consider Andorra Passive Residence!

  • Accessible within 3 hours by car of major cities in France and Spain.
  • full of modern amenities for a comfortable life
  • SUNNY (with over 300 days of sunshine a year)
  • a secret valley still ruled by a real prince and a full member of the United Nations
  • a country of zero crime and five ski resorts . Besides skiing, Andorra hosts other winter activities like dog-sledding, walking with snow shoes through a sparkling fairytale backdrop and for the more courageous - snow paragliding.
  • a tax-free nirvana for shopaholics and bargain-hunters alike
  • a country with no personal income tax or inheritance tax.
  • a country with no sales tax and cheapest alcohol and tobacco products in Europe
  • a cosmopolitan country with 2/3 of wealthy, self made, foreign origin residents
  • a country with excellent health care system
  • a country with a competitive fiscal system. The fiscal pressure in Andorra is calculated at approximately 19%, well below the European average. Coupled with social charges significantly lower than those of its European neighbors, Andorra offers very interesting and competitive operating costs.
  • A country with a solid and international finance system. The finance sector, built on five banking groups, has demonstrated during the last 75 years its efficiency and reliability in terms of applying international norms. The solvency of the banking system is the result of a strong capitalization policy.
  • A country of innovation and technological leadership. Andorra continuously invests in new technologies and as a result, boasts an excellent infrastructure. Andorra has already converted to an all-digital broadcasting network (September 2007) and has UMTS coverage over its entire territory. Andorran inhabitants enjoy an advanced telecommunications service thanks to an extensive network and a program to connect each Andorran home to the fiber optic network by 2010.

We can help you obtain residency status as one who does not carry out professional or gainful activities in Andorra. This is known as " passive residence ".

Passive Residence permits in Andorra are for those who come to the Principality of Andorra with substantial revenue and have no need to work. In these cases, some administrative and economic formalities are required such as the deposit of 30,000 € in the National Institute of Finances of Andorra (INAF) for the principal applicant, and the deposit of 7,000 € for each other member of his or her household.