XXII Meeting of the Sardana and sardana groups Contest XVI
4 and 5 Saturday Sunday Encamp Parish will be the capital of the sardana Pyrenees to host the XXII Meeting of Sardana and Contest XVI sardana groups. Organised by: Association Sardanista The Grandalla collaboration with the Comu d'Encamp.

Day of the Virgen del Oratorio
Saturday 4 to 11 h de les Bons road in Encamp. Prayer to Our Lady of the Oratorio, sung the joys and flowers. Then the Department of Culture offered to all attendees coca chocolate and juice. Information: Department of Culture, Tel. 731 490.

Performance of dance groups to Ordino
Sunday 5-18 pm In the plaza of El Prat de Call in Ordino. Dance Co. exchange. Lezginka State of the Republic of Dagestan, the Association and do Alto Minho Dansaire Group of Ordino.

Posobra of the Virgin of Meritxell
Tuesday 7-21 pm Vigil of Santa Maria de Meritxell, torchlight procession celebrating the Eucharist presided by the Rev. Archpriest, Mosen Ramon Sarries; the inauguration of the exhibition Peace is written with Meritxell M prepared by the parish of Canillo, snacks of brotherhood and dance at night in the cloister of the Sanctuary.

Feast of Meritxell
Wednesday 8-7 pm Opening of the doors of the church sanctuary, Canillo 07:30 Aurora Mass presided over by the Rectors of Canillo Encamp and Youth Mass 9 am encouraged by AINA and Castellnou colonies and chaired by the Director of Colegio Sant Ermengol, Father Xavier Brines. Offerings and prayers. At the start, breakfast offered by the common brotherhood and the young pilgrims AINA. 11 h solemn Mass concelebrated by all priests of the Church of the Valleys and chaired by Joan Enric Vives archbishop, with the assistance of national and communal authorities. Eucharist celebrated by the National Choir of the Little Singers Dance sardanas 12 h at 18 h cloister popular concert in the country offered by the National Choir of the Little Singers Andorra directed by Catherine Metayer. Information: Department of Youth, Sports and Culture, tel.753622.

Wednesday 8-18 pm On the square of the village of Andorra la Vella. Sardanas Listening by The Home of Berga. Organizers: Andorran Sardana Group, Tel. 864 050.

Fire Festival
Encamp Friday 1910-1922 hrs Opening the square of Arinsols, with the collaboration of Sant Roma Esbart Correfoc 10:30 p.m. from the square of Arinsols to the Prat Gran, with the collaboration of the failures of Andorra 01 h Discomovil Saturday 11-10 h Market fire and associates throughout the day, Main Street and Plaza San Miguel 12 hours from El Prat Gran Passacaglia to the square of Arinsols with grallers, juggling and giant child Correfoc 17 h from the square of Arinsols up Prat Gran 18 h Batucada from El Prat Gran to the square of Arinsols, juggling 22 h 03.22 h Closing Correfoc from the square of the Prat Gran Arinsols until 01 h discomovil. Information: Department of Culture, Tel. 731 490.

19th Gastronomic Andorra
Wednesday 15-10 pm In the French School of Ordino, cookery course run by the chef Lourdes shift, Andorra la Vella Pamvisucre ". 15 h in Ordino Andorra school, cooking course run by chef Oscar Magi, the Neu-Llorts Restaurant, Ordino. Ordino Sunday 19 A Studios (formerly Centre de Congres Andorra Ordino) tasting choicest cuisine to be found in the Principality, with a wide range of restaurateurs in the country that have their specialties with great originality and professionalism. The Gastronomic intended as a showcase for the cooking is done and is in the Principado.Entradas: under 14, € 20, adults € 31 in advance sales, the same day, adults € 37. Information and acquisition of inputs: Ordino Tourist Office, Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 13 pm from 15 to 18 h, Sunday, from 9 am to 13 pm, Tel. 878 173.

Dance of the elderly
Saturday 18 - 17 to 20 h in the ballroom of the Sports Complex and sociocultural Encamp. Information: Department of Social Affairs, tel.731670.

Medieval village
From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 In Sant Julia de Loria. Market artisans, Arab market, craft shows, international shows, street entertainment and activities for the whole family. Information, Tel. 871 700.

Fiesta of Cultures
From Saturday 25 to Monday 27 in the square of the Massana Fontetes. Music, dance and cuisine. Organised by: ACELMA. Information, Tel. 835 693.

Food Festival III La Massana cookers
From Saturday 25 to 31 October at the Massana. Organised by: ACELMA, with the support of Massana Comu. Information, Tel. 835 693.

World Tourism Day
Monday, 27 This year's World Tourism Day falls on Monday. However, the Commons, Andorra Tourism and Cultural Heritage Department of the Government of Andorra made an effort to provide free activities and domestic tourists during the day.
Andorra Tourism tourist bus routes free. Out at 08:40 h and 15h from Sant Julia de Loria (Prat Gran).
Free Cultural Heritage will open the following museums: Rossell Forge, Areny-Plandolit House, Postal Museum, Romanesque Andorra, Casa Rull and National Automobile Museum. They will also be open to the public and the Casa del Valle Meritxell Sanctuary. Opening of 10-19 h.
Canillo Open Day at the Motorcycle Museum, the flour mill and the parish church of Sant Serni.
Encamp From 10 to 13 h and 15 to 17 h out free on the train ride through the Trail of Pardines. Guided visit to the Ethnographic Museum Casa Cristo, the church of San Miguel and San Juan de la Mosquera. Open House . Welcome drink on Encamp Tourist Office and delivering bags of promotional material in the Principality. ecotourism tour guided by the circus Pessons. Departure at 8 h from the Plaza del Consell. We must make advance booking offices tour of the parish. Open Sports Complex in Encamp and Pas de la Casa.
Ordino Iron Road. Itineraries free at 10.30 h and 16 h.
The Tourism Bureau Welcome Massana La Massana and delivering bags of promotional material. Guided cultural tours to Sisquet Massana by the Sinquede Cal, at 12 h and 17 h. Departure from the Tourist Office. Sunday 26 Free cable car to La Massana Pal offered by Vallnord.
Andorra la Vella Free Green Belt Itinerary (subject) at 10 h and 16 h.
Sant Julia de Loria Free Itinerary man and matter. Departures from the office of the square Lauredia at 10 h in Catalan, at 12 h in Spanish, French and 16 h and 18 h in English. Tasting pastry typical of the craftsmen of the parish in the tourism office Lauredia Square, which will make the regular hours from 10 am to 14 pm and from 16 to 20 h.
Escaldes-Engordany CAEE Open in guided tours of 30.09 to 13.30 pm and from 15 to 19 h.

The festival of Cortinada
Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 Organizers: Party Commission of the curtain and Arans. Information: Ordino Tourist Office, tel: 878 173.

Festival in Ordino
Thursday, 16 Organizer: Party Commission of Ordino. Information: Ordino Tourism Office, tel: 878 173.

Festival of Ansalonga
Wednesday, 29 Organizer: Ansalonga Festival Committee. Information: Ordino Tourist Office, tel: 878 173.

Carrera popular
Sunday 5 in La Massana. Information, Tel. 737 573.

"La Vuelta"
Wednesday 8 - 17 ha 20:30 h Central Park in Andorra la Vella. Step 11: Vilanova i la Geltru - Andorra (Vallnord / sector Pal). 17:40 h arrival to the goal. Free access to La Massana cable car from 10 to 19.30 h followed live arrival. Show this year we celebrate the arrival of The Return to the principality with a fair for everyone. From 17 h, large and small can enjoy bicycle simulators of professional riders, id'inflables play area all afternoon. After 19 h, on the main stage will be a movie musical set in the Lope in the exciting adventures that will be experienced and passionate. Admission free. Thursday 9 - 13:05 pm 12:20 has Stage 12: Andorra la Vella - Lleida. Concentration and firm brokers: Central Park parking lot. Diferred from Av. Tarragona expected to 13:15 pm Information on the closure roads and schedules of the runners, or tel.18.021.802

BMX Championship
Saturday 11 to 18 h Circuit BMX community in La Massana.Informacion Arinsal, Tel. 627 072.

Circuit V sport climbing Andorra
Sunday 19 The waterfall climbing the Moles in Canillo. Information: Andorran Mountaineering Federation, Tel. 890 384.


Treating diabetes to exercise
Wednesday 15 to 20 h in the 3rd floor of Building Credit Center, Andorra la Vella. The speaker will explain the reasons why exercise is now considered one of the basic therapies on the treatment of diabetes. Led by Serafin Garcia Murillo , dietitian and nutritionist, a graduate in physical activity, health and fitness. The talk, open doors, the Foundation is organized Credit Andorra and Andorra.Informacion Diabetic Association, Tel. 888 880.

Day conferences in the field of European Heritage Days 2010 Heritage and Landscape "
Friday 17 - to 9.30 ha 14 h in the conference hall of the Cultural Center of Andorra la Vella Llacuna. There will be three lectures on the evolution of the concept of landscape, the landscape surrounding the onuments and contemporary creation on the landscape . Information: Cultural Heritage, Tel. 844 141.

International Peace Day
Encamp From Tuesday 14 to Saturday 25 in the library community. You will find books for small and large and informative murals to commemorate the International Day of Peace, celebrated on 21 September. Organised by: Library village of Encamp. In the opening hours . For all ages. Info: Biblioteca Comunal d'Encamp, Tel. 732 704.
Sant Julia de Loria From Tuesday 21 to Tuesday 28 community college in the Library. Panel with information and exposure of the library books related to the day in question. Information, Tel. 744 044.

Reading Club
Sant Julia de Loria Tuesday 28 to 22 h in the Library universitaria. Tertulia literary community around different books, both new and classic or different themes. Information, Tel. 744 044.
Encamp Thursday 30 - 20.45 h adult in the room of the library community. If you like literature, we suggest you read a book representative of a specific genre, then discuss as a group. Directed by Alfonso Codina. Actividad for over 16 years. Information: Encamp Communal Library, Tel. 732 704.

Travel the solar system in 3D
Thursday 2-22 pm In the Museum M2R in Canillo. Conferencia. Entrada Screening and free. Information: Department of Youth, Sports and Culture, Tel. 753 622.