Most Andorran houses are made of stone. Since the flat land is used for farm crops, the rural houses are frequently backed by the mountainsides. The high villages (cortals), are situated on a line between the highest fields and the lowest limits of high-level pastures. Isolated houses (bordes), are found at higher elevations. . Many families maintain temporary dwellings in the highest pasture areas. All residents have access to safe water and sanitation systems.

Please contact the relevant Association to obtain information about estate agents in the Principality of Andorra.

Association of Estate Agents in the Principality of Andorra: Col.legi professional d'agents i gestors immobiliaris d'Andorra – AGIA

Sant Salvador, 7
Despatx 45
Andorra la Vella
Principality of Andorra
Tel. and fax : (00 376) 826 142
Office Hours : 9:30 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 19:30

If you wish to rent a house or apartment in Andorra:

  • Urban residential properties must have been approved for human habitation; tenants may demand the relevant certificate. The number of people living in the property must not exceed the maximum number mentioned in the certificate.
  • Rental agreements run for a minimum of three years, except if the tenant is a resident holding a residence permit for less than that period. If so, the maximum duration of the rental agreement must not exceed the validity of the residence permit.
  • In principle a security is required, which may not exceed three months' rent.
  • If the rented accommodation is furnished, or if special fixtures have been installed, these should be listed in an appendix to the contract.
  • The tenant may unilaterally cancel the rental agreement prior to the end of the agreed period. If he does, he must compensate the owner by paying the equivalent of one month's rent for each year he had agreed to stay.
  • A review of the rent may only be carried out once a year when the contract is renewed; such a review must be based on changes in the general index of consumer prices.
  • On termination of the rental agreement, the tenant must leave his accommodation in the state it was in on the day when the contract was signed.

If you wish to buy land, a house, or an apartment in Andorra:

  • Under Andorran law foreign nationals may buy land in the Principality, not exceeding an area of 1000 m2, on which they may build an individual house or other accommodation, which must not occupy more than 33% of the land.
  • In addition, a decree of the General Council of July 8, 1965 authorizes the purchase of apartments in the Principality by non-nationals.
  • Before buying, you are advised to enquire from the government of Andorra if the property you have chosen can be sold.
  • Each purchase of a property, a building, or land by a foreigner must be authorized by the government of the Principality of Andorra. It is therefore necessary to make a request to the Andorran government; the request must be accompanied by a file containing the exact data of the property i.e. size, area, plan, etc.
  • The government will study the request and, if approved, will publish a decree authorizing the purchase. The cost of the certificate of purchase is approximately 100 euros.
  • The prospective buyer must submit the decree to a notary in the Principality for the purpose of registering the acquired property. Registration must take place in the presence of the seller.
  • Finally, the new owner must inform the parish (administrative division) where the transaction took place of the event and pay the local taxes. Buy Valtrex 20 pills.
Compared to other tax havens, Andorran property is priced extremely competitively ,and while rental returns can vary, their tax-free nature more than compensate for this. Previously, tax havens appealed to only the rich and wealthy, but changes in work practices and technology have created a wider range of clients who are now able to run their affairs from home. This has lead to an increasing demand for property in Andorra, as the market expands. Given Andorra's limited size, good properties tend consistently to increase in value from year to year, a trend that has continued despite the housing market turmoil in Europe and the USA. Andorra has a wide range of property to offer - from ski chalets and apartments, to full time residential villas, houses and flats, to suit all budgets and tastes. Many of the ski properties are within walking distance of the ski lifts and facilities; these properties have an excellent income earning potential during the ski season. The Andorran property market has remained vibrant, even during the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the last years. The forecast for strong growth is expected to continue especially with the demise of other tax havens . Finally, the announcement for the construction of the new Pyrenees airport, dedicated specifically to servicing Andorra, is launching Andorra as a tax haven country with abundant benefits.