Are there any local community taxes in Andorra?

There is a local tax here called the "foc I lloc", probably equivalent to council tax in the UK, but that is where the similarities end! Bins in Andorra are emptied 362 days per year, there is no litter problem, flowers are proudly hanging from each lamp post in summer, and Christmas decorations hang in winter, the roads are snow ploughed before you get up in the morning and are kept open at all times, each village has a summer festival and generally the Comu (town council) responds quickly to complaints and suggestions. This all for about 70 EUR per property.

I have children, is it a problem to relocate the family?

No, not at all, in fact the education system in Andorra is wonderful for children who will grow up at least trilingual. There are great skiing activities in winter and outdoor activity camps in summer. The downside is that there is no discount on the bond for children. Under the government policy in Andorra as soon as a baby is born he or she is counted and the bond requirement of 7,000 EUR is required (for each baby or child). Also for documentation purposes you are required at the time of the residency application to produce the birth certificate which must be legalized with apostille. You will also need a letter from the child's pediatrician and the vaccination history to show that everything is up to date. Of course this additional documentation is minor but well worth it for the education and lifestyle of your children.

Can I work in Andorra if I have received a Passive Residence Permit?

Passive resident status holders are not allowed to work in Andorra. However it does not stop you from operating your business from home, nor travelling in and out to work outside Andorra. Many passive residents have their own internet business or are consultants. It is only if you start to do business in Andorra, hire an office and staff, or work for an Andorran based company that you will need a work permit. Income earned from overseas business in not accountable in Andorra in any way.

Will I have an Andorran passport?

You will receive a residency card which allows all the rights and privileges of residency without the travel document. A foreigner generally will have to reside here for 20 years before being eligible for an Andorran passport and with a requirement to renounce his previous citizenship. There are exceptions to this rule for French, Spanish, and Portuguese citizens.

I have an old conviction in my country of residence, can I still apply?

Your police report must be translated into Catalan (best done quickly in Andorra) and then Immigration will discuss your case with the police. Authorities in Andorra are quite tolerant of previous convictions unless they are serious. Each case will be decided upon individually.

Do I need a Schengen visa for travel to Andorra?

There is a little known accord between France, Spain, and Andorra which states that if you are an Andorran resident you do not need Schengen visas to transit France and Spain nor do the maximum stays apply, as Andorra has no airport and is land locked by the two neighbors.

This actually can be a big advantage for a businessman travelling to and from Europe. The accord is actually only with France and Spain, however since the whole purpose of the Schengen states agreement is for no border controls, there appears no practical reason, as to why for example a person with an Andorran passive residency who is travelling on an Indian passport cannot land in Paris and go to Germany for business. Applicants for passive residency or work permits will still need visas if required by their nationality to get to Andorra.

Is much English spoken in Andorra?

There are communities of expats from most countries in the world, and there are organized help groups to assist people in settling in Andorra. As far as the authorities are concerned you will find most help groups in Catalan, Spanish, or French, but again there is plenty of help available.


When is the official sales period in Andorra?

Current legislation does not specifically regulate sales periods. Commercial establishments may start and end sales periods according to their own policies. Winter sales are typically between the end of December and the end of February, while summer sales usually take place between the end of June and the end of August, although there are no exact dates.

On what days do shops close in Andorra?

By law, shops in are only required to close on four days of year and 8 o'clock Sunday afternoons.

  • 1 January: New Year
  • 14 March: Constitution Day
  • 8 September: National Day – Our Lady of Meritxell
  • 25 December: Christmas Day

Where can I find information on shops/businesses offering a specific product? For example: tires, construction materials, etc?

Information is available at the following websites: the business section of the website of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra or the yellow pages section of the website of the Andorra Telecommunications Service.

How do I go about starting a business in Andorra?

The right to operate a business or professional practice is currently restricted to those with full economic rights: Andorran nationals and foreigners who can provide evidence of at least 20 years continuous residence in the Principality.

The procedure for authorizing a new business varies according to the specific activity and the type of ownership.


What type of vehicle can I use in Andorra? What are the general conditions of border crossings and roads in the Principality?

Up-to-date information on the state of the national road network is available.

How can I get to Andorra?

You can find this information in the transport section the website.

How do I get around Andorra?

You can take your own car, or travel by taxi or the public transport system between towns. To find out about timetables and connections, consult the transport section of this website.




Are there 'rural houses' ( gites ) in Andorra?

Andorra is working on the regulations for country houses and bordes. The first rural lodging establishments in the Principality are planned to open in 2011.

Is free camping permitted in Andorra?

Free camping is not permitted in any part of the country. You should always use an officially designated campsite. The search engine for tourist accommodation on this website will provide a list of all official campsites in Andorra.

Those wishing to camp in the mountains must always do so in or around the clearly signed cabins (refugis de muntanya in Catalan).

Entry conditions for pets to Andorra

Entry conditions into Andorra from Spain or France for pets coming from an EU country.

  • Identification via an electronic system (microchip) or tattoo (valid until 03-07-11)
  • Rabies vaccination in valid period (the rabies vaccination is considered valid 21 days from the first vaccination or from the re-vaccination date carried out within the validity period of the prior vaccination as indicated by the manufacturer)
  • Holding a PET PASSPORT issued by an authorized vet by the competent authority, including certificates relating to identification and the rabies vaccination

For animals under three months not vaccinated against rabies, the conditions are set out in paragraphs one and three above.

Entry conditions into Andorra from Spain or France for pets coming from a non-EU country.

If coming from a non-EU country, the requirements for entering the EU (land, air, sea) must be fulfilled beforehand with control at the entry point into the Union; controls are carried out by EU veterinary authorities on behalf of Andorra.

The conditions vary depending on the country of origin and its health status with regards to rabies (See EC Regulations no. 998/2003).


Is a visa required to enter Andorra?

Tourist visas are not required to visit Andorra. However, since Andorra can only be accessed by passing through France or Spain, tourists from countries outside the European Union (formed by Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland and, since May 2004, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) who require an EU visa should obtain a multi-entry Schengen visa to ensure freedom of movement into and out of Andorra. The Schengen multi-entry visa can be obtained from French and Spanish Consulates.

What are the duty-free allowances applied to at the Andorran border?

The customs and duty-free section of this website provides information on allowances and products that must be declared to customs.

Are there Andorran euros?

Andorra does not have its own currency and has used the euro since the French franc and Spanish peseta were replaced. Since Andorran euros have not yet been issued, euros from other European countries are used.

Can I get married in Andorra?

In order to marry in Andorra, at least one of the spouses must be an Andorran national or resident.

When is the ski season in Andorra?

Depending on the amount of snow, ski resorts in Andorra usually open on the first weekend in December, to coincide with the Festival of the Purissima (8 December), and close at the end of Easter, although some resorts may stay open until early May.

What are the main ski resorts in Andorra? Which is right for me?

This information can be found in the skiing section of this website. You can also visit the Ski Andorra website.

Where can I find out about snow conditions?

For all such information consult Infoneu on the Ski Andorra website.

What other activities are available?

To find out about activities on offer during your stay, you may consult the Agenda section of this website: a month in Andorra, or the yearly events calendar, where you will find information about regular activities held each year.

How many people live in Andorra?

The population of Andorra on September 16th 2010 is approximately 83,948. (Extrapolated from a population of 84,484 on September 2nd 2009 and a population of 84,082 on June 7th 2010.)