With the absence of taxation one would expect to find an extremely high cost of living, such as in Switzerland. Happily this is not the case in Andorra. One can maintain a very comfortable standard of living considerably cheaper than in the UK, Germany, etc. Due to the active import and export business in Andorra, goods and delicacies from all over the world are available in most of the large supermarkets and department stores.

Andorra has no monetary unit of its own and the Euro has been the official currency since January 2002. Visitors from non Euro countries are advised to bring travelers' cheques or Eurocheques and to cash them in Andorra as the exchange rate is usually better than in other European countries. Credit cards e.g. Amex, Visa, & Access are accepted in many establishments.

If you are looking for a great place to spend time as an expat, Andorra is definitely it; the cost of living is actually lower than in the United States , as well as most of Western Europe. Because of the low duty costs on many items and large tourist population that ventures to this small principality keeping the economy strong each year, Andorra for its residents is quite affordable.

While housing is the most expensive part of life in Andorra, food, wine and necessities are usually very affordable compared to neighbors Spain and France. Plus, there are plenty of markets around that sell goods at bargain prices. If you are looking for a high quality lifestyle with a low cost of living, take a look at Andorra.


Shopping in Andorra is a pleasure, for a tiny little principality in the Pyrenees Valley, this land has definitely made a name for itself. Millions of people each year come to Andorra to enjoy the many attractions and the wonderful bounty of shopping available. Because Andorra does not have a value added tax or duties added to many products, many brand name and luxury products can be purchased for far less than either Spain or France. It should be noted that there is a small duty on certain items such as cigarettes and spirits, but they are only in the single digits.