Andorran Passive Residence Permits are for those who come to the Principality of Andorra with substantial revenue and have no need to work. In these cases, some administrative and economic formalities are required such as the deposit of 30.000 € in the National Institute of Finances of Andorra (INAF) for the principal applicant, and the deposit of 7.000 € for each other member of his or her household.

Permanent residence in Andorra is an official legal status with the following rights:

  • right to stay in Andorra, Spain, and France 365 days a year
  • right of free travel in Andorra, Spain, and France
  • right to obtain Andorra citizenship
  • right to obtain permanent residence permit in Andorra for your family members
  • right to obtain Schengen and other visas faster and easier
  • right of offshore residence
  • right to open current accounts with Andorra banks, enjoying the resident privileges
  • right to obtain Andorra driver's license after the appropriate formalities
  • right to buy a car tax-free

Documents required for your Andorra Passive Residence application :

  • Extract from the criminal records.
  • Passport and certificate of marital status.
  • Photocopy of proof of payment of the bond of 30,000 EUR to the INAF (National Institute of Finance), plus 7,000 EUR for each dependant.
  • Originals of the purchase or rental contract for a dwelling.
  • Documents demonstrating insurance for disablement, illness and retirement. For those insured by the French Social Security, in the general system or special agricultural system.
  • Medical certificate issued by a doctor in the Principality of Andorra.
  • Proof, through a property deed or bank warranties, of income 300% higher than the minimum wage in Andorra, which is 897.97 euros, plus a supplement of 100% for each dependent.
  • Signed document by which you commit yourself to live in Andorra at least 183 days per year.

Residents of other countries can apply for the Andorra permanent residence permit, provided they have sufficient finances, good health and no previous criminal record.

We'll help you confirm to all the legal formalities, prepare the documents and submit them to the authorized Andorra federal agencies (Principat d'Andorra, Govern d'Andorra, Departament de Treball, Servei d'Immigracio). Our competence and experience in this area will significantly reduce the waiting time and risk of problems.

A foreign individual over 18 years of age who wishes to fix his effective residence in Andorra without carrying out any working or professional activity must obtain a passive residence permit from the Ministry of Interior locally known as the Immigration Department. You still can carry an internet business in Andorra or continue consultancies or employment in other countries. Many people with Passive Residency in Andorra run their own business. You cannot do business in Andorra, employ people in Andorra, rent commercial premises in Andorra etc, otherwise Andorran Government is not interested in you or your income.

Andorra is a favourite destination for those considering retirement. No personal taxation, a high standard but moderate cost of living, political and economic stability with no strikes, virtually no unemployment and the lowest crime rate in all Europe are attractive features. These factors combined with a climate of up to 300 days per year sunshine and a lack of humidity easing arthritis and rheumatism pains make Andorra a healthy retirement destination.

Passive residence permits called residencias, which confer the full rights of residency without authorization to work ( in Andorra) are available to applicants, retired or otherwise.

Applicants need to either own or rent a property in Andorra and agree to reside in Andorra for a minimum of 183 days per year, although this is not strictly monitored. Please not that you are not required to purchase any property and a rental contract is sufficient for the application for a passive resident status in Andorra.

The applicants must prove that they have funds available in a local bank equivalent to 300 % of the annual minimum wage and an extra 100% of that figure for each family member and the current minimum wage is 915,20 EUR per month ( 10,982.40 per year). That means one person will need to show funds of 32, 947,20 EUR, two persons 43,929.60 EUR, three persons 54,912.00 EUR and so on in increments of 10 982.40 EUR per person. These funds need to be proven by an Andorra bank deposit certificate. Please note again that you do not have to prove continual annual income whatsoever.

Applicants must also prove that they have private medical insurance, however a local company in Andorra will arrange medical coverage certificates the same day without medicals etc, from about 900 EUR a year per person. This is basic medical coverage sufficient for Andorra residency applications.

Applicants require a police report from their country of origin and also their last country of residence if not the one of origin. These documents and the marriage Certificate if relevant need also to be apostillised with the stamp of the Hague Convention. A very basic medical is also required upon acceptance of the documents. Once the Doctor signs the report you must then deposit the bond with Government.

The procedure of application for Andorran Passive Residence is conducted in the official language – Catalan. Upon successful application, the applicant will be required to pay the Andorran Government a non interest bearing but refundable bond. The bond is currently 30 000 EUR for a single applicant and 7000 EUR for each other member of the same household including children of all ages. Please note here that you CAN USE the funds deposited in the bank to obtain the bank certificate to pay the bond to the Government. Once the applicant has been accepted, his residence permit is issued for a period of one year, renewable after the first year for a period of 3 years. Final approval once the documents have been tendered takes usually about a month.