1. Are you over 18 years old?
  2. Do you have sufficient capital, currently 3 times the annual minimum wage of EUR 915.20 as at 1 st Jan 2010, amounting to a total of 32.947.20 EUR? For each additional family member applicants will require an additional 100% of the minimum annual wage or in real terms 10 982.40 for each person within the family ( including all children regardless of age). This is proven by a local bank certificate which states that the required funds have been deposited in an Andorra bank.
  3. Do you have or will you be able to obtain private medical insurance to satisfy the insurance requirements for medical coverage in Andorra? ( Very basic and cheap cove is readily available with a local company that satisfies this criteria with Andorran Immigration authorities and costs about 900 EUR per person a year. The coverage is minimal but simply satisfies the residency criteria).
  4. Can you afford to pay 30 000 EUR for the head of your family plus 7000 EUR for each member of the household on a non interest bearing bond? This bond is fully refundable less administrative costs of clearance when you decide to leave Andorra.
  5. Can you afford to purchase or rent a property in Andorra?
  6. Are you prepared to spend 183 days per year in Andorra ( there are no checks at the moment but you should declare in immigration form that you spend in Andorra at least 183 days per year).


After you decide to proceed please apply for a police report both from your country of origin and the country where you reside at the moment ( if different from the country of origin). Remember that from the date of issue of this document the clock is ticking and you have 3 months from the date of issue of the police certificate to complete and present all the correct documents to Andorran Immigration Authorities failing which you will be required to apply for a new police certificate.

Clear police reports do not have to be translated but if there are previous convictions they will need to be translated into Catalan ( this should be done in Andorra by an official translator that we will provide).

When you legalize your police report(s) you should apostillise your marriage certificate as well whether or not your spouse is accompanying you.

Arrange private medical insurance. This can be also done later in Andorra – locally and painlessly within 2 working days and will cost about 900 EUR for a single applicant and 1800 EUR for a couple ( no medical required), alternatively any existing medical cover may be sufficient if it covers you in Andorra and your Insurance Company agrees to sign a very wrongly worded declaration. Most insurance companies do not agree to it and in most cases it is really advisable to apply for a medical insurance locally in Andorra.

At the same time you should consider a preliminary visit to Andorra

We will meet you and assist in completing the documents since they all are done in Catalan. At that point we also can go over and clarify all other outstanding requirements. We will visit the local insurance company to arrange for a cover and the certificate if your private insurance company has indeed refused to sign this wrongly worded document.

We will look at property and set in motion any purchase or rental agreement.

We will assist you in opening a bank account in Andorra.

We will obtain and complete the relevant documents and declarations from Immigration.

Please plan to stay at least for 5-7 working days in Andorra during your first visit.

Once all documents and certificates are ready you will need to return to Andorra to do the following:

  1. Deposit the necessary funds in your bank account in Andorra and to obtain a certificate from the bank that such funds are available in the account.
  2. We will arrange a meeting with the Immigration Officer responsible for Passive Residency in Andorra. During this meeting you will need to produce amongst all the other documents your original passport and recent passport sized photographs of you and your family members.
  3. Once accepted you will be required, normally within one or two days but within maximum of one month to attend a medical. Two visits will be required : one for blood tests and basic analytics and the second visit is for you to see a doctor who should then issue his medical approval. The two visits are normally 2 days apart. Fear not, this is really the basic of all medicals! On the day of the second medical the doctor will sign the approval and then the funds for the Government bond will then need to be transferred to the Government. This cannot be done by online bank order as you need to produce the original transfer advice at Immigration.

Within a few weeks you should be the proud owner of Andorra passive resident's permit!