General Regulations of the Andorra Social Security system establishes that two distinct social security regimes are in force: a specific regime for health insurance and another regime for old-age insurance. All salaried workers in Andorra must pay contributions to the Andorra Social Security Fund (CASS).

Social security in Andorra is based on a points system. This means that the insured pays contributions towards his/her old-age pension and on reaching retirement age will receive a pension proportional to the number of points collected. The amount of the retirement pension consequently depends on the category of old-age pension contributions chosen by the insured. Part of the contributions are withheld from salary and another part is paid by the employer. The employee pays between 5-9%, and the employer pays between 13-14%.

Health Insurance / Withheld from Salary / Paid by Employer

General regime 3% 7%
Complementary regime 1%
Old-age insurance Class A 2% 6%
Old-age insurance Class B 4% 6%
Old-age insurance Class C 6% 6%

TOTAL 5%, 7% or 9% 13% or 14%