Andorra Cuisine

Due to the fact that Andorra is sandwiched between France and Spain, Andorran cuisine is mainly Catalan. The cuisine in Andorra also combines with French and Italian cuisine. Pasta, meat, fish and vegetables are the main ingredients for every meal. In the northern region of Andorra the French and Italian cuisine is more popular and its main characteristics are the ample use of pasta, cheese, bread and fish; while in the southern region Catalan cuisine influences were adapted. Local dishes include trinxat made of Bacon, cabbage and potatoes; cunillo which is rabbit stewed in tomato sauce; xai which is actually roasted Lamb; coques are flavored flat cakes and truites de carreroles which is actually a mushroom omelet. Cuisine in Andorra also include sausages, cheese, and a large variety of pork and ham dishes and a variety of vegetables.

The cuisine in Andorra uses elements from various cooking traditions borrowed from their neighbors and developed from their own traditional dishes. While there are no specific or unique preparation methods for Andorran cooking, we should point out that attention to detail is important in the cuisine in Andorra. Using the right amount of spices for example is essential – either for garnishing or for coloring the dish. The vast range of vegetables and cereals found in Andorra is also noticed in the delicious dishes belonging to cuisine in Andorra. The presentation of the dish is also important. Each traditional dish has a special cooking method, which is more or less same in all of Andorra’s regions. Meat is one of the main ingredients of most of the dishes in Andorra and smoked hams are often parts of delicious dishes.

Andorran people celebrate a large number of festivals and national holidays, which involve culinary traditions.

For the national holidays people from Andorra feast on traditional food such as escudella which is a stew of chicken, sausage and meatballs and xai which is actually roasted lamb. On these special days people of Andorra share traditional food along with traditional drinks at family dinners and feasts.

Cuisine in Andorra is varied and delicious. It is worth giving a try.

You can take a meal in a typical rural inn, called borda, in the mountains. Don’t think that you will only get salads and grilled meat. Ask for suggestions and you will be surprised by the versatility of Andorran mountain cuisine, very much in line with up-to-date trends. If you do not know mountain architecture very well, we recommend this type of restaurant with its homely decor and warm welcome.

You prefer a pica-pica, some snacks, and a good wine? In Andorra there are many bars and restaurants offering these mini-dishes with very high quality and suited to all pockets. Remember that we are set between two countries well known for their gastronomic products and reputation. Hundreds of cheeses, wines, foie gras, Iberian ham, baby squid, piquant potatoes, octopus Galician style, etc. You get the idea?

While you are away from home you may like to try some restaurant specialising in more exotic cooking. In Andorra you will find Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese restaurants and others with European specialities.

There’s plenty of variety in places and restaurants. Don’t forget haute cuisine. Andorra has the good fortune to have exclusive restaurants offering more than just dishes, unique gastronomic experiences. Find out about the annual gastronomic events which round out the good flavour of this offer. It’s worth your while!

And if you prefer home-style cooking, you will find a host of little family-run restaurants and snack bars where you can eat just like at home and with a good quality-price ratio.


Restaurants in Andorra:

Aquarius, in the thermal spa in Caldea. Imaginative cuisine using traditional ingredients. It is said to be the best restaurant in Andorra. Tel: 37 6800980
El Rusc, Specializing in Basque Cuisine - lots of fish dishes. Creative cuisine. Tel: 37 838200
La Cupula in Andorra la Vella. Original cuisine with Catalan influences using excellent ingredients. Good value for money. Tel: 37 6879444

Typical Dishes of Andorra:

Las carnes a la piedra – Meats cooked on hot stones or over coals
Trucha - Trout
Tablas de embutidos – An assortment of cured meats (served cold), like chorizo, dry-cured pork sausages: salchichon, donja, bringuera, bull, llonganissa and botifarres, both black and white that come served on a wooden board.
Trintxat - Traditional Catalan dish made from cabbage, potatoes, garlic and bacon.
Arroz con setas - Rice with mushrooms
Barrejada, or Escudella - Peasants’ stew, made with different meats, sausages, chickpeas, vegetables and pasta.
Civet de porc fer – Wild boar stew
Cunillo – Rabbit stewed in tomato sauce.
Xai – Roast lamb
Truites de carreroles – Mushroom omelette
Tupi – Cheese fermented in an earthenware pot with garlic and brandy.
Calcots - Big spring onions that are cooked on an open wood fire and served with a kind of romesco sauce.

Andorran Desserts:


Torreznos de miel- Bread dipped in egg, fried and served with honey.
Coques - Flat cakes made with grape syrup, brandy, and other flavorings.
Crema de Catalan - A kind of custard served with a hard caramalized sugar topping.

If you you’re in Andorra in September don’t miss the Gastronomy Fair of Andorra. It’s held on the third Sunday of the month, and there are visits to wineries, conferences, demonstrations, and cooking lessons all week.

Another great food holiday is ”Escudella Day.” On January 17th , Saint Anthony’s Day, all parishes in Andorra make a giant Escudella, which is a kind of stew, in the main square and anyone who wants is welcome to a bowl.


Escudella Day is celebrated in all parishes on Saint Anthony's Day on January 17th;
everyone is invited to savour this typical stew dish in the main town square where it is
cooked and the festival is celebrated.