Starting point: car park or Arinsal.
Path: Trail GR 11 to Estany (lake) Negre Petit, following the ridge on the right from there. Total ascent : 1500m
Time: 5h
Degree of difficulty: medium.
Interest: Aigues Juntes, Comapedrosa valley, Lake Negre and pic (peak) of Comapedrosa. It is the highest peak of Andorra.




Starting point : New houses of Plans (1.825m.) to the north along a narrow passage between two meadows.
Path: When you reach the borda (cottage), follow the vall in the northwest direction for 250m. and then turn north to Font Verd. Take the path that crosses the forest until it comes to the head of the Plans forest. Next, follow the edge of the pinewood westwards until you enter the Plans forest again. The path leaves the forest above Prada (meadow) de Mora and runs along the foot of Bony (hill) Roig until it crosses the Comarqueta d'Incles river. The path continues in the northeast direction, crossing the Comarqueta de les Fonts river and leads on the Estany (lake) Gran de la Vall del Riu at the foot of l'Estanyo peak. To hike up the peak, continue north until you reach the head of the massif, which runs westwards to the peak itself.
Total ascent: 1.089 m
Time: 8h
Degree of difficulty: Medium.
Points of interest: it is the only one peak completely located inside of Andorra. It is considered the "viewing point of Andorra"




Starting point : The end of the track leading to the Sorteny shelter (10 minutes from the shelter).
Path: Trail GR 11 8 A
Total ascent: 900 m
Time: 3h30
Degree of difficulty: Medium.
Points of interest: This is one of the six tallets peaks of the six tallest peaks of Andorra. On clear days, Toulouse may be seen in the distance with the naked eye as well as all the Andorran summits. The north or east wind always blows here.



  CIRCUIT DELS PICS DE LLEVANT (Eastern peaks) : pic (Peak) de Casamanya (2.740 m), pic (Peak)de la Cabaneta (2.863 m), pic (Peak) de l'Estanyo (2.915 m), pic (Peak) de la Serrera (2.913 m).

Starting point: Coll (Col) d'Ordino (Guide panel).
Path: Ascend Pic (peak) de Casamanya via Collada (col) de les Vaques. Continue to Coll d'Arenas and hike up Pic de l'Estanyo (Andorra's second highest peak). Then you can hike up La Cabaneta peak and continue via Els Meners col to ascend Pic de la Serrera (the fourth highest peak in Andorra). You can reach the Sorteny shelter on the path that runs by Els Meners spring. Total ascent:   1460 m.
Time: 8h
Degree of difficulty: Difficult (whole circuit).
Points of interest: From the peaks you can enjoy beautiful views of Ordino col, els Meners lake and the surrounding area. 




Starting point: camping of Incles.
Path: Walk northeast in the direction of Coll (col) d'Anrodat, which you can reach along a curving track that borders France in the Coma (valley) de Ferro area
Total ascent:   1.060 m
Time: 3h30
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Points of interest: estany (Lake) de l'Isla has a small island in the center.  



COL DELS ISARDS (2550 m) – PEAK NEGRE (2815 m)

Starting point: From the car park at the children's playground in the ski school on the south side of town, as far as Lake Abelletes.
Path: Take the path along the right of the lake and climb throught the meadow up a steep slope. After 15-20 minutes you reach the edge of the reservoir and the "isards" ski slope". Here, the path follows the scree (moraine) up to the foot of the pass. The path zig-zags a couple of times and comes out the small "Isards" pass (2550 m). From here you can ealily see the Isards pass with its well-marked trail (if there is no snow). 30 minutes.
Total ascent:   265 m
Time: 1h15
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Points of interest: delightful view towards the Cerdanya, Alt Urgell and the three frontiers.




Starting point: coll (col) d'Ordino.
Path: marked track on the Casamanya peak side.
Total ascent:   760 m
Time: 2h30
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Points of interest: This is one of the best viewpoints in Andorra. On a clear day, Pica d'Estats (Catalonia's highest peak) may be seen to the west and the Cadi mountains to the south.




Starting point: car park of Arinsal.
Path: Trail GR 11 9 A from Sanfons gap
Total ascent:   400m to Safons gap, 700m. to Safons peak.
Time: 1h15 to Safons gap, 2h30 to Safons peak.
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Points of interest: Les Truites lake and panoramic view of Tor valley (Pallars Sobira region). 




Startinf point: At the end of Carrer dels Barrers or from Santa Coloma to Collet (col) de Sant Vicenc d'Enclar .
Path: It is advisable to advance by stages, first from Sant Vicenc to Boiga Mitgera spring (along a flat, clearly marked trail), and then to Bony (hill) de la Pica (along a straight unmarked path leading upwards to the west). Next, go from Bony de la Pica to Pic (peak) d'Enclar (this path follows the crest line between the two summits) and from there to Carroi peak along the Enclar massif, following the crest.
Total ascent:   1300m
Time: 8h
Degree of difficulty: Difficult.
Points of interest: A bird's-eye view of impressive depth with mountains in all directions as far as the eye can see. 




Starting point: La Tosca bridge or La Muntanya swimming pool, at Escaldes-Engordany.
Path: Trail GR 7 to Entremesaigues, taking GR11 10 A from there to the Perafita shelter
Total ascent:   1500 m
Time: 5h30
Degree of difficulty: Medium.
Points of interest: The hight valley of Perafita ,an extensive grazing area - lies ten minutes from Pla (plain) del Bisbe (north-east of the shelter), where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains in Andorra and beyond its frontiers. From here you can reach Pic (peak) de Monturull and continue from there to Torre dels Soldats following the GR trail (total ascent 200m, time: first route 1h. second route, 1h. 30min.