Andorra gives a genuine welcome to foreign visitors and investors. The resident or owner of property will be amazed by the total lack of government intrusion. Inspectors, annual returns, declarations etc. are conspicuous by their absence.

Both residents and non residents are able to borrow money from local banks for the purchase of a property in the Principality. The current terms for non residents available are 60% of the purchase price for up to 15 years at a fixed interest rate of 6%*. Capital and interests repayments are made together. The bank is the first creditor in the case of default. *Loan in Euros - subject to change.

When purchasing a condominium property in Andorra the owner, apart from acquiring the freehold title for the apartment, also becomes co-owner of all the common elements in the building, the plot of land on which the building is erected, the public entrance halls, staircases, lifts and elevators etc. The costs of maintenance of these elements are paid proportionally by the various owners in the building. A typical community charge for a studio might be 600 Euros and a 3 bedroom flat 1200 Euros per annum.

There is no import duty on personal household furniture brought into Andorra providing it is not new and there is no intention to resell.

Compared to other tax havens, Andorran property is extremely competitively priced and while rental returns can vary, their tax free nature more than compensate for this. Previously tax havens appealed to only the rich and the even richer, but changes in work practises and technology have meant a wider range of clients are now able to run their businesses and affairs from home This has led to an increasing demand for property in Andorra as the market expands. Given the limited size of the country, good properties tend to consistently increase in value from year to year, a trend that has continued despite the housing market turmoils in Europe and the USA.


Andorra has a wide range of property to offer - from ski chalets and apartments, to full time residential villa’s, houses and flats to suit all budgets and tastes. Many of the ski properties are within walking distance of the ski lifts and facilities and have excellent income earning potential during the ski season.

The Andorran property market has remained vibrant, even during the sub-prime mortgage crisis of the last year. The forecast for strong growth is expected to continue especially with the demise of other tax havens and the announcement of the construction of the new Pyrenees airport dedicated specifically to servicing Andorra.